Progress on the New Built on Plone 6

Since last December the Plone community has been working towards a significant renewal, from version upgrade to content and frontend overhaul

The New Will Be Plone 6

At the 2021 Plone Conference, the marketing team presented a plan was for how to improve and renew, the one and only place for Plone-related information:

The main ideas at the time were:

  • will be migrated to Plone 6
  • Content needs refreshing, especially the frontpage and main landing pages
  • Visual theme will be out-of-the-box Plone 6 with Volto frontend, using available add-ons (many of which we expect will be added as core features)
  • Goal is to publish the new site by World Plone Day 2022 (April).

Plone org example

Great Progress at Sprints

Since December 2022, we have organized 4 monthly sprints, working on:

  • Content and navigation structure
  • Other content work
  • Migration from Plone 5 to Plone 6
  • Visual design
  • Translation, default page content, add-ons
  • Plone 6 documentation
  • Volto improvements
  • Volto Blocks and installation
  • And more

We have updated the original plan to include a new visual theme and additional features that will eventually be available for others to use. A more ambitious scope has moved the release date somewhat further this year.

Special Thanks

The Plone Marketing and Communications Team is organizing the effort and working on the content overhaul, but we also want to express special thanks to:

  • Philip Bauer, from - Full content migration from Plone 5 to Plone 6, including the transition to Volto blocks
  • Érico Andrei, from Kitconcept - Foundation Member content type, installation, deployment, content type renewal, etc.
  • Steve Piercy and Katja Süss - Documentation effort resulting in new Plone 6 docs and organization around the work
  • Massimo Azzolini, Irene Capatti, Massimo Weigert, and

    Gianantonio Vecelli,


    Giallocobalto - F

    or massive content and structure redesign, visual design and layout, and UX design

  • Stefano Marchetti, Andrea Cecchi,

    Giulia Ghisini, and Andrea Baglioni, from

    Redturtle - For the new site's buildout which includes needed Volto blocks, curated add-ons, visual theme, and more:

  • Kim Nguyen, Brian Davis - For lessons learned from the previous renewal, content and structure discussion, theming mockups, etc. 
  • Victor Fernandez de Alba and Jakob Kahl - For Volto knowledge
  • And everyone else who has pitched in ideas, discussions, and questions!

This effort would not be possible without help from the awesome Plone community!

Want to Join the Effort?

The work is not done - our next sprint will be organized in May 2022. Feel free to join! There will be an event page, but meanwhile join the Discord channel for discussion. By the next sprint we hope to have a fully running site with migrated content available online for testing and content work.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact

Stay tuned for more discussions and presentations at World Plone Day on April 27th 2022.