World Plone Day 2021 - Over 50 Videos from 16 Countries

World Plone Day 2021 was a worldwide online event and all videos are now available on the Plone YouTube channel

World Plone Day, held on April 28th 2021, was a worldwide 24-hour online streaming event. The goal was to promote and educate the public about the benefits of using Plone and being part of the Plone community.

The event was a massive success! The amazing Plone community produced 56 videos totaling 22 hours of content, now available on our YouTube channel. More than 50 speakers from 16 countries presented case studies, tech tips and community insights in 11 languages. This includes an introduction to Plone 6 in EN, DE, NL, CA, IT, PT-BR, FI, and soon JP, ES, and EU.

How to Access World Plone Day Videos

All content is available on the Plone YouTube channel. Play the videos on the World Plone Day 2021 playlist to relive the entire event.

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General Interest

Plone 6

Technical Talks

Case Studies

...and if you speak Italian

World Plone Day in Italy features 3 hours of topics!

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