The Plone Newsroom Podcast Episode #04

A monthly podcast about Plone and the Plone community

The Plone Newsroom is a monthly podcast brought to you by Philip Bauer and Fred van Dijk. They cover technical and non-technical topics including Plone, the Plone community, and whatever else they come up with to keep us informed!

Episode #04 on 10 December 2021 featured a discussion of the relaunch effort including content migration using collective.exportimport, a demo of Plone 6 alpha including how to install Volto add-ons, news about the Plone Foundation and the Plone Shop (offering vintage conference tee shirts), some notable add-ons (collective.taxonomy, collective.revisionmanager, collective.impersonate, plone.pdfexport), and a remembrance of Max Jakob, a dear friend of the Plone community. Go to the Newsroom page to view other episodes.