The Plone Foundation Welcomes Two New Members

Nicola Zambello and Tiberiu Ichim join the Plone Foundation

The Plone Foundation welcomes two new members after unanimous confirmation by the Foundation's Board of Directors on September 30, 2021.

Membership in the Foundation is conferred for significant and enduring contributions to the Plone project and community. The Plone Foundation Membership Committee overwhelmingly recommended each applicant for their ongoing contributions to Plone.

Nicola Zambellos presenting at Plone conference

Nicola Zambello

Nicola has been developing with Plone since 2016 and has become an important contributor to the Volto project. He started RawMaterial, a Plone-based company, last year and will present his vision for a practical Green Web strategy at this year's conference. "I love Plone," he writes. "I feel at home with the community and I strongly want to support and invest in Plone, taking it to new horizons while maintaining what makes it so good."

Nicola will present one of the trainings at this year's conference; he lives in Ferrara, Italy.

Tiberiu Ichim

Tiberiu Ichim

Tiberiu works with EauDeWeb and has been a member of the Plone community since 2004. Since 2019 he has been focused on Volto, and is a member of the Volto Core Developers team. He is the initial author or major contributor for several Volto add-ons, including volto-slate (alternative rich text editor) and volto-block-style (generic styling for Volto blocks).

Tiberiu lives in Oradea, Romania.

The Plone Foundation encourages applications from long time contributors to the Plone project and community. Learn more about the Foundation membership and the application process.