Plone Conference 2020 Videos Now Available!

Relive the latest Plone Conference with over 70 videos covering Plone, Volto, and Zope as well as Guillotina, Pyramid, and more

Plone Conference 2020 Online

Plone Conference 2020 was a 9-day event for users and developers in the growing Plone ecosystem. Professionals from the Plone, Zope, Volto, Guillotina, and Pyramid communities (see below) participated in trainings, talks, and sprints, at the conference held in December 2020. Speakers illuminated some history of one of the world's foundation open source CMS platforms, built in Python, and dove into demonstrations of the latest future-proof features and visions focused on optimizing speed and agility while retaining Plone's legendary content capacities.

Every training, talk, and presentation was recorded and is now available online on YouTube:

Plone Conference 2020 topics include:

  • Plone - The original, open-source, enterprise-grade, all-in-one content management system written in Python.
  • Zope - The original Python web application server - the foundation for Plone and inspiration for Guillotina.
  • Volto - Plone's snappy, modern React front end powered by RestAPI.
  • Guillotina - A re-imagined asynchronous back end compatible with Plone's RestAPI.
  • Pyramid - Pyramid is a small, fast, down-to-earth Python web framework that continues to gain attention.
  • And more!

All the presentations and info can be found at