Plone 6.0.0a1 Alpha Is Here!

Plone 6.0.0a1 is the first alpha release of Plone 6.0.

Plone community proudly presents the first alpha release of Plone 6 - feel free to try it out!

Some Highlights of the Alpha Release

  • The big one: Volto as new front-end, using React, built with modern JavaScript tools.
  • The backend is now called Plone Classic. It generally works the same as Plone 5.2, so if you are not ready for Volto yet, you can just use this.
  • Support only for Python 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9.
  • Zope 5.3
  • Extensive overhaul of Plone UI elements based on Bootstrap 5 components.
  • Barceloneta LTS theme
  • Add control panel for relations
  • Add plone.api.relation module to ease using relations.
  • Use Dexterity for the Plone Site root object.

Plone 6 editing experience combines the robust usability of Plone with a blazingly fast JavaScript frontend

Plone 6 Uses the Latest Web Technologies

The Plone 6 user experience has been redesigned from scratch to be awesome for power users and occasional users alike. It's easy to create adaptive layouts using a flexible and powerful blocks system built from the latest web technologies. There's no need for in-depth knowledge of how the web works or how the page will look on thousands of different devices - editors can split individual blocks into multi-column content that will automatically adapt to any device. Building complex, responsive pages with Plone 6 is effortless.

The blocks system is not limited to rich text. It will come with a faceted search block that allows editors to easily create sophisticated searches that make use of content metadata. Other blocks can present collections of content dynamically generated from a search. Plone has always included search, now the blocks system allows the search to be harnessed in new ways.

Form Builder, No-Code Content Types, Rich Ecosystem

Plone 6 also includes: 

  • A powerful form builder. Editors can create forms via drag and drop and define actions such as sending form data via email or storing it in CSV format for later use;
  • No-code custom content types that can be created through the web, including metadata fields, behaviors and view templates;
  • A rich ecosystem with more than 100 add-ons, even before it has been launched; an active and enthusiastic community of developers and companies is creating new add-ons every day.

The quick growth of the Plone 6 community is the result of developer-friendly technology choices. It is built with the two most popular programming languages (Python and JavaScript) and an open-source software stack that powers some of the largest websites in the world.

Read more about Plone 6.

Try Plone 6 and learn more at the Plone Conference 2021 Online