Open Source Week 2020 Recap

Plone took part in the Open Source Week 2020.

Open Source Week 2020 was held from December 1 to December 4. During the event, several topics about the Open Source world were discussed. Four storytelling days about Open Source through the most reliable voices in this world, the customers' feedback, technical workshops and focus on products and solutions.

There was talk about enterprise business, the complexity of development models and business, the ethical value, and the legal and security challenges from the perspective of the top insiders. The first entirely online RIOS conference dedicated to the Open Source world dealt with Cybersecurity, Collaboration, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Native, DevOps+Sec, Development, IoT, Augmented Reality, Industry 4.0, BigData, Analytics, all in an Open Source key.

As part of World Plone Day on December 3rd, we talked about Volto and the new developments of Plone.

Plone 6 example

The event in its 4 days has brought the participation of about 500 people and the sale of more than a thousand tickets. Through sponsored posts on social media, the participation of the event was maximized, in addition to targeted posts during the conference on the main social channels. Through the social campaigns, Plone's posts were seen by more than 18 thousand people.

The Plone logo has been mentioned as an Official Sponsor on the event website