Volto 8 Released With Exciting New Features

The schema and layout of custom types can now be created through the web

Volto is Plone's snappy, modern React front end, and the Volto team has added two major new features to the latest release.

Through the Web Custom Types

Beginning with Plone 4, site admins have been able to create customized content types easily in the browser using Plone's standard administrative UI. Now, this feature has been added to Volto. You can:

  • Add a custom content type
  • Edit its fields and fieldsets, help text, etc.
  • Select from numerous predefined field types (selection, text field, date, file upload etc.)
  • Rearrange fields on the edit form
  • Abstract content type elements into behaviors which can be used on other types

In short, it's possible to customize a content type in every possible way, and the resulting type is automatically searchable and addable.

Through the Web Custom Type Layouts

Blocks are Volto's way of adding and organizing various elements on a page. They can be text elements, images, videos, dynamic lists, video embeds, or whatever you decide to develop. In Volto 8, you can combine the features of blocks editing with your newly created content type, vastly enhancing the functionality and customizability of your custom content - all in the browser with just a couple of clicks. 

Try Volto Today

Download Volto from Github or kick the tires on the Volto demo site.