Volto 4.0 Released

Plone 6's new front end is ready for prime time

Volto 4.0 is now ready, following a 9 month alpha period that included many sprints.

A lot of effort has been put into keeping Volto's learning curve low and ensuring that developing with it is a delightful experience.

Here are some of its new features:

* Improved Pastanaga editor
* New Pastanaga editor sidebar
* New mobile first toolbar
* Developing blocks is now easier than ever
* New object browser
* Listing, table of contents, and lead image blocks
* New blocks chooser and future-proof blocks definitions
* Body classes like Plone's hinting at content types, section and current view
* New message system
* React hooks support
* Several internal libraries updated, including Redux, Router ones that support hooks
* Many bug fixes

For further details, please see the Volto 4.0 announcement forum post