Plone Tagung 2020 – Dresden, Germany

The Plone Tagung is the annual symposium for the Plone community of German-speaking countries

Each year, the Plone German-speaking Community organizes a 3 day Symposium (Plone-Tagung 2020) and a two day sprint for German-speaking universities, NGOs and companies as well as for users, service providers, and developers.

The symposium this year took place at the Technical University of Dresden (TUD) from the 9th to the 13th of March, 2020. The Symposium was supported by the Plone Foundation and sponsored by Werkbank (Gold Sponsor), Zopyx and FlyingCircus (Silver Sponsor) and Abstract-Technology (Bronze Sponsor).

Plone Tagung 2020

Symposium Topics

The Plone Symposium in Dresden focused on the opening keynote from Anne-Marie Nebe on accessibility and why web accessibility is so important for user-centered software development. The Humanities and Social Sciences Department of the TU Dresden contributed with their expertise on the linguistic and visual implementation of a barrier-free web presence. The second-day keynote "Chaos und Diversity“ from Christian Theune illustrated the characteristics and dynamics of complex systems and talked about new approaches for a conscious use of diversity.

A complete overview of all topics of the Symposium is available, in German, at the Plone Tagung website.

How to Make Plone Cookies

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Thanks to @quirk_dispenser.

Plone Cookies

Thank You

A big thank you goes to the Technical University of Dresden (TUD) for hosting, the Plone-Team TUD (@plone_tudresden) for organizing the event, and to the speakers, sponsors and all participants, who made the event special.

If you weren’t able to make it this year, we hope you’ll join the Plone Tagung next year! See you then.