Plone Foundation Ambassadors for 2020

Regional and special interest ambassadors for Plone

The Plone Foundation Board has appointed these outstanding individuals from around the world to serve as ambassadors for Plone.

They are known for their community involvement in their regions and for their expertise in a particular market of Plone.

In their capacity as Plone ambassadors, they will continue to promote Plone regionally and in their specific markets for Plone.

Plone's ambassadors for 2020 are:

  • David Bain, Jamaica
  • Leonardo Caballero, Venezuela
  • Manabu Terada, Japan
  • Max Jakob, Germany, Education
  • William Fennie, United States, Education
  • Thomas Buchberger, Switzerland, PloneGov
  • Joël Lambillotte, Belgium, PloneGov
  • Ramiro Batista, Brazil, PloneGov

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"Flags of member nations flying at United Nations Headquarters". 30/Dec/2005. UN Photo/Joao Araujo Pinto.