Plone Conference 2020 - A Sneak Peek

Thanks to the Plone community we have a wonderful assortment of submitted talks - here are some highlights

Over 65 Talks Submitted

The topics range from Plone, Zope, Volto and Guillotina to Python and Pyramid, and from fancy JavaScript to cool case studies. There are 30 and 45 minute talk slots, as well as lightning talks. 

The talks are targeted at a variety of different audiences such as designers, developers, integrators, users, and beginners alike. There will be something for everyone and the schedule will be planned so, that it is easy to find suitable talks for every need!

Volto Talks Galore

Volto, Plone's React front end, continues to gain interest, and there will be plenty of talks to catch you up on the latest developments:

  • Volto FTW
  • Building Volto Addons
  • Volto: A Journey Towards Personalisation
  • Plone and Volto in a Jamstack Project

What's in Store for Plone 6

Many people are helping move Plone 6 closer to reality - here are some of the topics they will be presenting:

  • Plone 6 Theming: Barceloneta
  • Plone 6 Theming with Diazo
  • Modernizing Plone's Classic UI

Agile, Patterns, Projects

We will dive into what goes into a successful project - from project management to technical architecture to building community:

  • Second Guessing the Single-Page-App Pattern
  • Asking Questions for the Benefit of your Future Self - Growing with the Plone Community
  • Agile Race To Zero
  • The Effectiveness of Open Source to Achieve a Common Heritage for Cities

And More!

Here are a few more intriguing-sounding talks:

  • Guillotina: Real Use Cases & Roadmap
  • State of Pillow
  • Collaborating With Orchid Data
  • Rapidly Building An Extensible Corruption Tool
  • Oh, the Places We've Been! Plone 2001 - 2020

There will be something for everyone!

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