Plone and the Pandemic

Secure, scalable, open source content management FTW

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended life across the planet. Scientists, doctors and other experts are engaged in a giant global effort to combat the disease. Open source software is integral to this effort because many tools and libraries used by these experts are open source. That includes Plone, a great platform for building secure, scalable, highly customizable, content-rich websites for scientists and researchers.

One such Plone site is already being used in the COVID-19 fight. The Onkopedia portal publishes medical guidelines for oncology and hematology for Germany, Austria and Switzerland - treatment guidelines, medical studies, protocols, certifications, drug information, etc. for over 60 diseases. Patients with these diseases are at high risk for the new coronavirus, which created an urgent need for providing COVID-19 specific information. In just 3 days the Onkopedia development team was able to extend the site's data model and roll out necessary UI updates to create a new Onkopedia section with COVID-19 content for over 40 different diseases. Congratulations to the team for a great example of agile development, and to Plone for providing a flexible and robust platform.

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