PLOG 2020 Training - 3 Weeks Left to Register!

These free training classes will be given in Sorrento April 19-26 at the Plone Open Garden - the registration deadlline is February 28th

Free Training

PLOG is a unique sprint where you can spend the mornings training, the afternoons sprinting, and all day enjoying the southern Italian weather and food. Thank you to the Plone Foundation, which has provided funding so that we can offer the following FREE training classes. It's a great way to brush up some old skills and pick up new ones at the halfway point between Plone conferences.

Thank you to the Plone Foundation, which is providing funding to support the training classes. 

Hands on Volto -- Taught by the RedTurtle Team -- 2 Mornings

This class will be based on the Volto training given at the last Plone Conference. It assumes some knowledge of React (but you don't have to be an expert.)

How to Get More Value From Your Plone Site Using GatsbyJS -- Taught by Asko Soukka -- 2 Mornings

This class will teach you how to deploy a static website from Plone content, and how to integrate it with the GatsbyJS ecosystem (plugins, themes, cloud services, etc.)

Plone Tips and Tricks -- Taught by Philip Bauer -- 1 Morning

This class will cover a number of advanced Plone developer topics, including:

  • Python Debugging Best Practices
  • Debugging ZODB Issues

Strategic Sprint

Because of its importance to the community, PLOG has been designated a strategic sprint by the Foundation Board and the Marketing Team. A wonderful cross section of people will attend, so there will be sprinting activities for all interests. Some will be working on Volto and RestAPI improvements, others will be creating marketing collateral in the form of "how to" screencasts of Plone features. Bring your own topic - the final plan will be made at the sprint.

Less Than 3 Weeks Left to Register!

The registration deadline is February 28th, after that we cannot guarantee the discounted rates or room availability.

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Want to Learn More?

Read all about the Plone Open Garden, a tradition in our community since 2007. There's even a PLOG video. Dates, prices, and all of the details are given on the PLOG 2020 event page.