PLOG 2020 Replaced by Remote Sprint

The pandemic has forced the cancellation of PLOG - but a remote sprint has taken its place

PLOG Felled by the Pandemic

After months of planning, in early March the PLOG organizers had to face the reality that traveling to Italy in April was not going to be feasible. We tried to reschedule the event in September, but the hotel was already booked up. So we've had to make the sad decision to cancel PLOG for 2020.

PLOG will return in 2021!!!

Remote Sprinting to the Rescue

For the foreseeable future, Plone community sprints will need to happen remotely - individual sprinters in their own spaces, communicating via audio, video, and text. Happily, the big April hole that PLOG's cancellation left in the Plone calendar has now been filled by a remote sprint on Plone 6. Kudos to Peter Holzer, Maik Derstappen and Jens Klein for organizing it! The sprint will tackle a number of topics:

  • Modernize classic Plone's default theme - The goal is to make working with the classic UI fun again. We will make the templates compatible with bootstrap markup and reduce the amount of custom CSS so that it is easy to use any bootstrap template with Plone. 
  • Push Plone to the latest Zope - The Plone CMS runs on top of the Zope web framework which has recently seen some massive performance improvements. To take advantage of that we will work on making

    Plone 5.2 run with latest Zope 4 and Plone 6 with latest Zope 5.

  • Mastering Plone 6 - We will u

    pdate the Mastering Plone training

    to use Plone 6 and Volto for all frontend-tasks.

  • Create marketing materials - Headless Plone and Volto are important to our future, but they aren't clearly presented on or We will work on

    how-to screencasts for both Classic and Volto UIs for the Plone Youtube channel,

    and content about headless Plone and Volto.

Join Us!

Every experience level is welcome, and additional sprint topics are welcome too. Sign up and add your ideas!