How to Participate: Plone Conference 2020 Online

Joining Plone Conference 2020 online will be easy - here is preliminary information on how to get the most out of the event!

All this information and more is available to Plone Conference attendees, so please make sure you get your ticket.

What is the conference language?

The Plone Conference is a global event with attendees connecting from a wide variety of countries. English is the official language, but Track 3 will be in French on Day 2.

What is the conference time zone?

The event’s official time zone is Central European, but LoudSwarm will show the schedule in your local time zone.

What technologies do I need to log in to for the conference?

LoudSwarm is the only requirement to be able to watch the talks, whether you are watching live or catching up later.

All conference attendees will get invitation link to LoudSwarm platform, and get access to all information and guides there.

But part of the fun of a conference is being able to talk to your fellow attendees and speakers. For that, we will use Jitsi and Slack.

Jitsi will be used for face-to-face interactions after each talk. Each speaker will join Jitsi after their talk to be available to answer questions or have discussions with the attendees.

Slack is our primary method of text-based communication. If you did not already receive an invitation, email

How do I ask questions and network with other attendees?

A face-to-face Jitsi room is available for each talk. You can join this room during and after each session. The speaker will join once they are done with their talk to be available to answer questions.

The primary text-based discussion platform is Slack.

Do I have to turn my webcam or camera on?

Be ready to be on camera, it’s easier to connect with the other attendees when you can see each other face to face. Also be sure to check your microphone as you'll have the opportunity to ask questions to speakers, sponsors, organizers, and attendees.

Why is there extra time before the sessions start?

Come and join us an hour before the first talk each morning to get comfortable with the event and where everything is. It’s also a great opportunity to chat with others and network with other members of the community.

How do I ask questions?

In the LoudSwarm session, you will see a widget on the right to ask questions to the speaker during the talk, and you can also ask questions in the Slack channel to continue the conversation with fellow attendees.

Will the talks be recorded?

Yes, all of the talks (including trainings) will be recorded and will be available to watch in LoudSwarm once they have been processed (usually about 10 minutes after the talk has finished). Recordings will be made available to the public one month after the conference.

I need help

Join the #conf2020_help_desk channel in Slack to ask the moderators your questions.

More information

All the needed information is delivered to attendees and can be found in LoudSwarm.

Get your tickets and get ready for Plone Conference 2020!