A Very Successful 2020 Python Web Conference

Over 260 attendees from 6 continents, with Python experts presenting on 40 topics including Plone, Django and machine learning

June 17-19, Six Feet Up hosted the 2nd Annual Python Web Conference using their newly developed all-in-one virtual event platform, LoudSwarm. Focusing on Python for the Web, the conference featured talks and trainings from several members of the Plone community.

The conference had a total of 266 attendees participating from 37 countries and 14 timezones. A unique aspect of the registration was that for each ticket purchased, a ticket was donated to a developer residing in a developing country. Those that received a free ticket would not have been able to otherwise attend, and they were able to gain valuable knowledge on the state of Plone and Python on the web.

Being a completely virtual event, several accommodations were set up to make the event as interactive as possible. Attendees could join the Gallery after each talk to ask the presenter questions and have discussions about the talk topic. Slack was also heavily used to foster discussions and interaction among the attendees. Evening Socials were created to network, play games, and keep the fun going after the day’s talks were done.

Having a Plone presence was great for the attendees who had never heard of Plone, and provided many with the opportunity to see Plone again in a new way. Many great discussions were had around new Plone features, customization tricks, and fond memories of past Plone Conferences.

Recordings of the talks are currently only available to registered attendees. Post-video access tickets are still available if you weren’t able to attend the live event. All talk and tutorial videos will be made publicly available on YouTube in September.

Plans for Python Web Conf 2021 are already underway. Visit https://2020.pythonwebconf.com to learn more about this year’s event.