Plone Selected to Participate in First Google Season of Docs

We are one of 50 open source organizations chosen to participate in the inaugural year of this program, out of almost 200 applicants.

Google is trying out a new program this year called Season of Docs whose goal is to provide a framework for technical writers and open source projects to work together on improving the project's documentation. Paul Roeland and Sven Strack recognized this as an excellent opportunity to improve Plone documentation, and aided by discussions at PLOG (as described in the sprint report), Paul put together the winning proposal.

We are now listed as a Season of Docs participating organization, which means that tech writers interested in the program will soon be browsing our Season of Docs ideas page where we have two projects listed:

  • Improve the Developer Onboarding Experience for Plone 6
  • Improve Documentation for the React-based Frontend "Volto"

Thank you to everyone who made this happen!