Looking forward to the Season of Docs!

Plone welcomes tech writer Cris Perez, who will work on the documentation for Volto as part of the Google Season of Docs

Cris Perez is an experienced tech writer who will collaborate with a team of Plonistas to work on the Volto documentation for the next three months


This is made possible by the Google Season of Docs, who have


the projects that participate.



is a new, modern,


frontend for web content management systems.Through use of a mature REST API, Volto has access to all the features of Plone, one of the most secure, reliable and flexible content management systems, with an almost 20 year track record.


During the Google Season of Docs, we aim to streamline the

Volto documentation

ffor developers from different backgrounds. The documentation will be extended and reorganized to cater to a more diverse set of developer experiences and backgrounds.


Developers and designers familiar with React need information on how to interact with Plone features so they can create feature-rich websites with custom workflows and permissions, and enjoy Plone's comprehensive backend services such as the built in search engine and its rock-solid content management features.


Developers already familiar with Plone will want to know how to leverage modern JavaScript tools to create better user experiences.


And, given the worldwide and diverse Plone and React/Volto communities, we will pay particular attention to avoid unwanted cultural, gender or other biases, thus ensuring that the documentation is inclusive and accessible for the widest range of readers.


We will use clear, concise language to help the many developers for whom English is not their first, or even second, language.


Cris Perez will be working with the following team: Timo Stollenwerk, Víctor Fernández de Alba, Kim Paulissen, Sven Strack, Paul Roeland.


As always, we thank all volunteers for their contributions!