Successful Beethoven Sprint in Bonn

In June 2018, sixteen Plone developers from ten different countries gathered in Bonn, at the office of the kitconcept GmbH, to work on Plone-React, Pastanaga UI, plone.restapi, and Guillotina.

Beethoven Sprint 2018

During this three-day sprint at the office of kitconcept in Bonn we finished the second iteration of the new Pastanaga editor for Plone-React. The new editor is based on a tiles implementation for plone.restapi that we built during the sprint. The user can add, edit, and delete text, image, and video tiles and arrange them via drag-and-drop.

Group photo of the Beethoven Sprint 2018

In addition to the new tiles endpoint, the Plone.restapi team worked hard on multiple enhancements that resulted in four Plone.restapi releases and two releases during and right after the sprint. Plone.restapi and now work with Plone 5.2, which uses Python 3. We also ported the JSON field type from Guillotina to plone.schema and released it with plone.schema 1.2.0.

In addition to working on the new Pastanaga editor for Plone-React, we significantly enhanced and polished Plone-React, resulting in the Plone-React 0.7.0 release.

We made Plone-React work with a Guillotina backend and discussed the roadmap to Plone 6.

The sprint was kindly sponsored by the Plone Foundation, the German Python Software Foundation (PySV), The Python Software FoundationCodeSyntaxGanzgraphkitconcept GmbH, and Iskra.

Full daily sprint reports can be found here: day oneday two, and day three.