Sorrento Sprint on Frontend Modernization

Spend a week hacking in Sorrento!

Our perennial Plone Open Garden sprint returns for 2019!

Date: April 7-14, 2019

Location: Hotel Mediterraneo

Registration deadline: February 28, 2019

Price per day (includes breakfast and dinner):

  • Double room for 1 person: 150 €
  • Double room for 2 people: 160 €
  • Triple room for 3 people: 180 €

The focus of this sprint will be to bring Plone more in line with what front end developers and content editors expect in a CMS these days. We will emphasize efforts that will improve the experience for both traditional Plone (5) and future Plone (Volto, Guillotina, etc.) Wherever possible, we will strive to make features available in both ecosystems. We hope to attract both traditional Plone and future Plone developers and provide a venue and topics that will encourage cross-fertilization. The goal of the sprint is to focus on efforts that will have high impact for both developers/integrators and non-technical users.


  • Volto aka plone-react
  • Content quality checking
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Contextual image alt text
  • Improved accessibility for overlays, dialogs, and menus
  • ATAG 2.0 Part B compliance: single page and site-wide compliance checkers
  • Incorporate a11y checking into travis/jenkins process
  • Parity between Plone 5 and Volto for accessibility features
  • Supporting service workers for improved performance
  • Plone 5 UX improvements

Additional topic suggestions from the community are welcome!

Follow up discussion will be in our community forum