Three New Members Join the Plone Foundation

The newest Plone Foundation members are Sven Strack, David Bain, and Franco Pellegrini.

The Plone Foundation welcomes 3 new members after unanimous confirmation by the Foundation's Board of Directors on February 8, 2018. Membership in the Foundation is conferred for significant and enduring contributions to the Plone project and community. The Plone Foundation Membership Committee overwhelmingly recommended each applicant for their ongoing contributions to Plone.

Sven Strack

Sven has given talks and training at several Plone conferences, was the organizer of the Stroopwafel sprint, the creator of Plone Docker images and of the UI installer. He is best known as Plone's documentation czar, having led the Documentation Team for years with verve. His most recent new responsibilities in the Admin and Infrastructure Team have already resulted in the move of critical Foundation servers to new, more reliable facilities.

David Bain

David first presented at the 2008 Plone conference and hasn't stopped giving conference talks and training since then. He is a steadfast advocate for Plone, Python, and Jamaica, having organized Plone meetups and Python events in Jamaica, including PyCon Jamaica. David regularly engages with newcomers and old timers alike in our forum, and has been a key member of Plone's Google Summer of Code participation. David's continuously innovative spirit has resulted in new code and new ways of thinking, particularly in the areas of approachability and onboarding.

Franco Pellegrini

Franco first burst onto the public Plone scene with his mind-blowing creation, the PloneIDE. He has authored and contributed at least a dozen add-ons, including the popular collective.cover, is a member of the Framework Team, and a contributor to Plone core and the Mockup project. He has given talks and trainings at Plone symposia, conferences, and local events since 2010.



The Foundation is the trustee for Plone's intellectual property, works to protect and promote Plone, and has 78 active members.

The Plone Foundation encourages applications from long time contributors to the Plone project and community. Learn more about the Foundation membership and the application process.