Castle Sprint 2016 Report

After an eleven year hiatus, the third Plone Castle Sprint was held in Austria on Sept. 15-19, 2016.

Sprint report by Christine Baumgartner and Jens Klein

This year we awakened the historic Castle sprint from its eleven year slumber. Fifteen years after Plone’s first release and eleven years after the last Castle sprint, we met again at the Goldegg castle in Austria.

Plonistas from that earlier era gathered from September 15th to 19th, 2016, and relived the stories of the early Plone community. New Plonistas, there for the first time, explored the castle and its secrets. We had breakfast in the old kitchen of the former servant's house, worked in the main salon with its large chimney and partied on the terrace with its royal view over the countryside and valley below us.

Hopefully we won’t let the Castle sprint go another eleven years until our next visit!

We had a productive sprint:

  • EXIF autorotation on plone.namedfile: Implementation and PLIP finished, ready for review (Alexander Loechel)
  • improvements (Alexander Loechel, Eric Steele):
    • ploneorg.addonlisting
    • ploneorg.releasesecurityinfo (PyPi package fetching)
    • get package information from PyPi to display relevant packages on
    • mark those packages with useful classification and recommendations
    • fix bugs on release pages
  • Restricted Python port to Python 3 (Alexander Loechel)
  • polishing/bug fixing addons for Plone 5 (Peter Holzer)
    • run now on Plone 5 and got improvements (Peter Holzer, Robert Niederreiter)
    • jquery datatables (Robert, Peter)
  • released and collective.linguatags (Peter Holzer, Jens Klein)
  • conceptual brainstorming on new quotas at folder or site level (Roland Fasching)
  • developed map of Plone community processes (Christine Baumgartner, Eric Steele, Jens Klein, Alexander Loechel)
    • discussion about processes/teams
    • how to improve collaboration between teams
    • how to involve the documentation team in the Plone improvement process (“PLIP”)
    • how to use the UI/UX team to produce new PLIP ideas
  • Investigating why our resource bundles are huge: moment.js is included with all available locales. Discussion on how it could be fixed (Jens, Peter)

We were:

  • Phil Auersperg
  • Christine Baumgartner
  • Georg Bernhard
  • Roland Fasching
  • Peter Holzer
  • Jens W. Klein
  • Alexander Loechel
  • Robert Niederreiter
  • Paul Roeland
  • Eric Steele
  • Sven Strack