Registration Now Open for Plone Conference 2015

For every ticket you buy 15% will go to the Plone Foundation. Profit will be used for promoting the conference and adding useful extra features. If there is profit at the end of the conference, we will donate this to the Plone Foundation!

Dear Plone enthusiasts,

Tickets to Plone Conference 2015 Bucharest are now available for purchase. One ticket costs 380 euros, however the first 100 tickets get an early bird discount and can be bought with only 340 euros. Go over to "buy tickets" area to make your purchase.

Remember to pick your t-shirt size and, since we're having an all-in-one conference this year, be sure to choose the training you will attend.

You'll be happy to know that a number of hotels are willing to offer Plone Conf. attendees better deals.

See you in October!
In the meantime check some of the things to do in Bucharest.