Recap: Plone Open Garden (PLOG) 2015

Who, what, where, when, and why.

Last month, about 60 people* from more than a dozen countries gathered in Sorrento, Italy for the 9th Plone Open Garden (PLOG) event. The purpose of this year’s event was to celebrate PLOG host Abstract-Technology’s 10th birthday and create a strategic plan for Plone for the next 5+ years.

During the 5-day event, with a focus on Plone in 5 years, we participated in discussions and working groups on:

  • Technology modernization
  • Backend: Python, Zope, ZODB, ZCatalog, CMF, Archetypes/Dexterity
  • Frontend: through-the-web editing, Mockup/Javascript, Mosaic
  • Marketing, Community, Approachability, Communication
  • Plone Ecosystem
  • Plone Intranet
  • Plone Teams
  • Documentation for Plone 5

that resulted in an update to our Roadmap. By the end of the week we were simultaneously exhausted and energized by the vision for Plone and the Community.

Now: thanks and pictures!

Thank you to:

  • Abstract-Technology for an exceptional event and birthday celebration
  • Hotel Mediterraneo for the beautiful location, great service, seemingly endless supply of cappuccino and Aperol Spritz, and for letting us return yet again
  • Maurizio for hosting, shepherding us to the right discussion areas, and making sure we didn’t miss meals
  • Those who brought their families so we could meet them; especially the kids, many of us enjoyed doting on them and watching them run amuck
  • The mysterious group who worked tirelessly to keep us wifi connected though they weren’t always successful (really, it wasn't their fault)
  • The group who never gave up hope in trying to connect with those at PyCon in Montreal, even though most were there for moral support (pictures don’t lie)
  • Those who were unable to attend but followed the discussions via IRC, Twitter, and/or Mauritz’s notes
  • Mauritz for transcribing every word spoken so we can always be reminded of the smart and not-so-smart things we may or may not have said
  • The Plone Board and all those who helped create and implement the agenda, gave talks, led discussions, and took notes

and last but not least, to those able to attend (yes, pat yourself on the back) for participating in and honoring open discussions, which while sometimes contentious, were constructive.

A postcard, created by Abstract-Technology, that captures the spirit of PLOG






Roles: integrators, developers, generalists, sys admins, communicators, designers, and people serving multiple roles

Companies/Organizations: Red Turtle, 4 Digits, Penn State, Wildcard, Starzel, Abstract Italy, Abstract Germany, Soliton Consulting, Syslab, Cosent, Eau de Web, Blue Alliance Members Agitator and Klein & Partner, ISKRA, Freitag, Ecre’all, Arcor, and Plone users

Representatives from the Plone Board and all Plone Teams