Plone Foundation Welcomes Three New Members

Guido Stevens, Kees Hink, and Sally Kleinfeldt are the Foundation's newest members

The Plone Foundation (PF) is proud to welcome three new members, who were unanimously confirmed by the Foundation's Board of Directors after receiving strong recommendations from the PF Membership Committee.

Membership in the PF is conferred for significant and enduring contributions to the Plone project. The Foundation, which is the trustee for Plone's intellectual property and works to protect and promote Plone, now has 121 active members.

Guido Stevens (Netherlands) is the author of the PloneSocial suite and other add-ons, of published peer reviewed research on the Plone community, of code contributions to Plone core, of many conference presentations, and of many blog posts on technology and marketing. Most recently, he has reenergized Plone with his leadership skills and ability to work with the community as founder and project lead of the Plone Intranet Consortium.

Kees Hink (Netherlands) has been a Plone add-on and core developer since 2008 and has participated in many Plone sprints and conferences since then, giving two conference presentations, and representing Plone at other technology events.  Kees is a heavy contributor to Plone core, with 351 commits over just the last five years, making him the 13th most prolific contributor to CMFPlone (!) in addition to his work with Plone Improvement Proposals (PLIPs), tickets and Github pull requests.

Sally Kleinfeldt (USA) began using Plone in 2004. She has presented talks and organized panel discussions at almost every Plone Conference since 2006 as well as at six Plone Symposia. She participated in the 2008 Plone Strategic Planning Summit, organized sprints and World Plone Days in Boston and helped run the Boston Plone Meetup. She has contributed heavily to Plone marketing efforts, including at the Gilbane Conference, but particularly promoting Plone in higher education as a stalwart steering committee member of PloneEdu. She has sponsored numerous Plone add-ons, most recently collective.citationstyles, and has been actively driving collaboration on the maintenance and creation of other add-ons. 

The Plone Foundation encourages applications from long time contributors to the Plone community.  More information about Foundation membership and the application process can be found at