July Newsletter (Issue #18)

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Plone Conference Bucharest

Plone Foundation and Board


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Tutorials & Tips

5 Minute Plone 4 Install on Cloud9 ID

This is an overview of getting Plone 4 (4.3.6 at the time of writing) up and running in 5 minutes or less on Cloud9 IDE. The aim of this is to make it easy, especially for students, to try out Plone, and more importantly Plone development for zero dollars.

How to Add Social Networking Icons to Your Document Actions

How to add icons (or text) to share content on Facebook and Twitter.

Python Posts

Geonode, Geoserver, Postgis with Docker

Framework for maps creation, how we dockerize our Geonode project

Building Docker Containers from Scratch using Nix

Nix makes it reasonable to build Docker containers from scratch.

Creating Nix-expressions with Buildout

The greatest blocker for using Nix or complex Python projects like Plone, I think, is the work needed to make all required Python-packages (usally very specific versions) available in nix expression.

Stateless Nix Environments Revisited

It's almost a year, since I tried to bend Nix package manager to fit my own workflows for the first time.

Assorted Articles

ubiGreen: Map of the projects funded by Fondazione Cariplo

The new portal is made in Plone and is dedicated to georeferencing and consultation of all projects funded by the Foundation in naturalistic.

Plone 5 Theming Sprint Munich

A sprint focused on Plone 5 and Theming will take place at the University of Munich from 16-20 September 2015 in Munich.

New Demo Site for Plone 5

Experience Plone 5 on our demo website. It contains several illustrative presentations of popular add-ons, including themes, custom forms and embed service.

Anatomy of a Major Website Project

I attended the Nonprofit Technology Conference last March and was inspired to submit a session proposal for next year’s conference.

Finding a Needle in a Haystack

A content-driven website can look like an intimidating pile of information to the average visitor. You want to help your visitors find what’s important to them. How can you ensure that the right content is easy to find?

Make it Beautiful

A Plone sprint is the best way to get work done in a short time. We take various people that are important to the project and put them in one location.

Thoughts about React Europe

React, in case you're not aware, is a frontend JavaScript framework.