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Issue #13

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Upcoming Events

Training: Mastering Plone 5 Development; Mar 2–6; Munich, Germany

Plone Open Garden (PLOG) 2015; Apr 7–11; Sorrento, Italy

PyCon US 2015; Apr 10–12; Montréal, QC

Anniversary Sprint 2015; Jun 22–26; Arnhem, The Netherlands

Plone Conference 2015; Oct 12–18; Bucharest, Romania


Plone @ PyCon2015
Come visit the Plone community booth at PyCon 2015 in Montreal

Plone 5

Customizing Javascript Pattern Settings In Plone 5

There are a couple ways to customize some default pattern options coming in Plone 5.

Magic Templates In Plone 5

Plone 5 uses Chameleon a its rendering engine. Did you know that because of that you can put a pdb in a template? If you saw the keynote by Eric Steele on Plone 5 you probably do. But did you also know that the variable econtext holds all current variables up to the moment the pdb is thrown?

Updating JavaScript for Plone 5

Plone 5 will introduce some new concepts, for some, with working with JavaScript in Plone.

How To

Continuous Integration for Plone

How we set up a new distributed Continuous Integration infrastructure for Plone with Jenkins, Ansible, Jenkins Job Builder, and mr.roboto.

Purging Some CMFEditions Versions

How to delete specific CMFEditions versions

How to Manage Information Sheets in Plone Easily and Quickly

Everybody likes the information sheets! For this we have created a product that allows you to create them, manage them and use them with ease. Want to know more?

Building Python Command Line Tools, Part 2: console_scripts

Over the past few months here at Six Feet Up I have noticed an increasing need to demonstrate the usefulness and efficiency of Python command line tools. Command line tools can be very handy, and, making your own using Python is easier than you might think! The information in this article is part two of our series on building a command line app and will show you how to execute and install console_scripts.

How to use BlockDataGridFieldFactory

How To Use EasySlideshow

As many of you use slideshows in your Plone sites, we have developed a series of articles you will see over the next few months that aim to provide a more in-depth look at these slideshows. Here you will find step by step instruction for using EasySlideshow.

Displaying EasySlideshow on your Homepage with Diazo

With the recent EasySlideshow v2.2 release and development for v3 for Plone 5 underway, we have created a series of articles that aim to provide a more in-depth look at the app's functionality. Here you will quick instruction for displaying EasySlideshow within pages.

The Many Options for Hosting a Plone Site

Over the last year there has been a lot of work on hosting tools in the Plone community. Here at Jazkarta, most of our client’s sites are hosted using Amazon Web Services and OpsWorks because this platform’s robust tool set and high level of flexibility is a good fit for sites like The Mountaineers and KCRW. But there are many other options, especially for smaller sites.

Event Summaries

OSC Tokyo Plone Session

On Feb 28, we'll present document sharing in Plone.

NVDA Meet-Up Tokyo

Japan Blind Association of Nishi-Waseda brought about 30 participants.

Python Mini Hacka-a-Thon

Updates to Japanese translations for buildout.coredev package in GitHub, instructions for how to deploy Plone production environment, release of a streaming video product, and more...

Web Content

3 Signs Your Communications Project is Off-Track, and How to Fix it with Personas

Well-researched audience personas communicate deep insights

5 Tips For A Successful Retargeting

With these tips, you can make your retargeting campaign more efficient and attract customers.

Make Your Company Blog Even More Successful

We have 3 tips that you should definitely take note if you want to write a successful blog article.

Assorted Articles

The Open Horizon

11 years of Plone at UW Oshkosh, and now a new start.

Docker - The Pain Of Finding The Right Distribution+Kernel+Hardware Combination

Since two months I have been very busy with finding a working combination of Linux kernel, hardware and Linux distribution that would actually stable for running Docker in production. Only one out of eight combination worked for me.

How We Made our Site Responsive

The following post was pulled from our Sixie's author archive and has been updated to reflect current practice and standards. Written by our Senior Template Developer, check out how we added Responsive Design the Six Feet Up website and learn a few tricks along the way!

The 7th Annual Great Backyard Plone Count

It's that time of year... the Great Backyard Bird Count, organized by the Audubon Society, the Cornell Institute of Ornithology, and Bird Studies Canada.  And that means that it's also time for the Great Backyard Plone Count, this weekend Friday through Monday.

Clojure + Boot Backend for the React.js Tutorial

For the uninitiated, React.js is a framework that provides a means to create reusable javascript components that emit HTML in a very intuitive way.

Plone + The Management and Distribution of Private Videos on AWS (Amazon Web Service)

A follow up on streaming video product from Python Mini Hack-a-Thon (article available under "Event Summaries" in this newsletter.

On Docker Security: 'Docker' Group Considered Harmful

If you are member of the UNIX 'docker' must be considered harmful. Being member of the 'docker' group is not unusual because it gives you the right to build and execute containers as normal user but it also gives you full root access rights which I consider as a major security issue and a broken-by-design feature.


5 Critical Considerations for Python Testing

Six Feet Up recently organized the IndyPy Pythology Lecture Series, where the focus was on testing and debugging Python applications. There were five presentations given with the goal of helping developers understand what it takes to properly test and debug code for the real world. Here are five key points that were discussed during the event:

Python Mock Library For Ninja Testing

If you are going to write unit tests with Python you should consider this library: Python mock.

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