The Butler and the Snake: Continuous Integration for Python

Overview with links to more information about a recent talk Tim Stollenwerk gave about the Jenkins Continuous Integration Server at the Jenkins User Conference/Europe.

At the Jenkins User Conference/Europe, held in Berlin on June 25, Timo Stollenwerk of Plone Foundation presented how the Plone community uses Jenkins to build, test and deliver Python-based software projects. Timo went through some of the Continuous Integration (CI) rules and talked about the main tools you should take a look at for implementing Python CI—

Timo is a freelance Pyton web developer from Bonn, Germany who also consults on testing and CI. He’s been working with Plone since 2004, became a Plone core developer in 2009. He is a Plone Foundation member, heads the Plone Testing & CI Team, contributes to the Plone Framework and Release Team, and is a major contributor to Plone 5.

Timo is responsible for running and testing the Jenkins CI server that the Plone Core Team has used for more than 3 years. Using Plone Core as an example, he talked about how Jenkins is a reliable CI system for Python projects.

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