September Newsletter

Coming to you via email hopefully soon! In the meantime, make arrangements to attend Plone Conference 2014 and/or one of the other upcoming events and check out what we did in September.

Issue #7

Upcoming Events

Plone Conference 2014: Oct 27 – Nov 2; Bristol, UK

Training: Mastering Plone (Beginner): Oct 27–29; Bristol, UK

Training: Mockup: Oct 27–29; Bristol, UK

Training: Mastering Plone (Advanced), Oct 27–29; Bristol, UK

Plone Conference Sprint, Nov 1–2; Bristol, UK

Plone Dutch Users Day, Nov 18; Arnhem

Alpine City Sprint; Jan 21–25, 2015; Innsbruck, Austria


Plone Conference 2014, Bristol: Schedule of Events

This year's Plone Conference is being organised by Netsight and will be taking place in Bristol, UK at the end of October, the 29th–31st. Read on for everything you need to know to plan your trip from talks, to training, keynote speakers, events, and sponsors.

Jury for Paragon Announced, Last Week of Nominations!

The hunt for the best Plone Add-ons is heating up! Meet the jury and get your nominations in before Monday, October 6!

Critical vulnerability found in Bash

Plone, resp. Python User Group Meeting Munich

In Munich the Plone user group has joined forces and is part of the Python user group for a while now. Meetings are every second Tuesday.

Plone Lunch Munich

Plone lunch in Munich happens every second Wednesday of the month.

From Documentation Team: Documentation Images/VMs/Container

They way how we deploy our documentation to has changed a lot and there will be more changes in the future.

Get Plone docs from your desktop with Dash (OSX)

Can't get Plone Docs on Velocity yet but Linux & Windows users can get them with Zeal

Plone 5

Zidanca Sprint Report: JS/LESS Integration

After recovering from a hard week of work, thinking and writing/re-writing code, we accomplished an important goal at the Zidanca Sprint—a replacement for Resource Registry adapted to modern front-end development and friendly mockup widgets.

Plone 5 Resource Registries

A brief exploration of the new Resource Registries in Plone 5.

Sprint Reports and Conference Summaries

eGenix PyCon UK 2014 Talks & Videos

We have just published the talk slides and videos of our PyCon UK 2014 presentations.The PyCon UK Conference is the premier conference for Python users and developers in the UK. This year it was held from September 19-22 in Coventry, UK.

Social Intranet Sprint Berlin

A week of intense collaboration in Berlin has significantly accelerated the development of a new Plone-based social intranet platform.

Berlin Plone Intranet social sprinters 2014 at work!


Surprise features that you didn’t ask for - Mike Haworth

Automated Deployment with Ansible - Juergen Brendel

Lightning Talks

Multimedia Programming Using Gstreamer (and, of course, Python) - Douglas Bagnall

Pipelines consist of linked elements.

Understanding Human Language with Python - Alyona Medelyan

PyPy.js: What? How? Why? - Ryan Kelly

Mozilla - protecting & promoting the web.

Deploying a Django Application Using Juju - Tim Penhey

Or "How I used Juju to deploy my Django app up to AWS"

2nd Keynote: A Snake in Space - The rise of scientific Python in Astrodynamics and Astronomy - Francesco Biscani

Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, European Space Agency.

Java for Python Developers - Chris Neugebauer

One company who likes Python but in reality likes Java a lot more = …. Google!

Intro to Flask-Security - Beau Butler

Why Flask? Steep Django learning curve. Like to start simple and then become more complex.

Packaging a Python Desktop Application Using PyInstaller - Glenn Ramsey

Gathers the dependencies for your script and puts them all in a directory. Doesn’t actually create an installer and doesn’t include the source code.

Python is Slow, Make It Faster With C - Ben Shaw

C Module - traditional way. Write your functions in C (usually just wrapper code).

External Dependencies in Web Apps: System Libs Are Not That Scary - Francois Marier

Common example: 250 external dependencies, 8 different copies of same app, 4 different versions.

Why Python Rocks Solaris - James McPherson

"Python is a systems-programming language also". Why use? Lots of open source software uses Python. pstack: see what Python process is doing.

Using Python to test industrial control system frameworks at CERN - Andrew Amesbury

1st Keynote: Python Beyond (C)Python: Adventures in Software Distribution - Nick Coglan

Following will be a brain dump of things I noted of personal value in the Kiwi PyCon 2014 talks I attended.

The T-Shirts of Kiwi PyCon’s Past

As I was packing for Kiwi PyCon last night I did something I’ve wanted to do for some time and that was take photos of all the Kiwi PyCon T-shirts to date.


Add-ons and Customizations

collective.angularstarter (Plone + AngularJS + Yeoman kickstarter project)

Get started with Plone + AngularJS without any of the normal headaches associated with a manual setup of useful tools that let you improve your development experience and the deploy of your application.

Plumi Installed Successfully on Free BSD 9.1

Some notes on installing Plumi on FreeBSD 9.1 successfully with the latest buildout notes.

Host Plumi on a $10 Month Virtual Server (Setup in Under 20 Minutes)

Markos has added instructions for how to host Plumi on a virtual server with a cloud provider which offers a 1GB RAM / 1 CPU / 30GB SSD DISK server ready in less than a minute for $10.00 a month.

Updated Documentation & Installation Recipe

This documentation was created for our Plumi workshop, and contains an introduction to Plumi, installation, setup and configuration PLUS a section on Plumi theming.

Installation on Mint Linux 17

We’re happy to say that Sam Stainsby from Sustainable Software has successfully installed Plumi on Mint Linux.

Custom Object Source Binder for z3c.Forms

Within a folderish dexterity content type i had to select objects for a relation field from just that context. Therefore i wrote a small Custom Source Binder.

Assorted Articles

Friday Silicon Alley Lightning Talks 26 September

Last Friday there were Lightning Talks place, in cooperation with our neighbors WebIQ.

Presenting Buildout at PySS 14

Buildout is a tool we use in all of the development and deployments of our applications, and we have given a talk about it at PySS 14.

Avoiding Load average Spike Alerts on Munin Monitoring

Munin is a server monitoring tool written in Perl. In this post I’ll introduce some monitoring basics and how to avoid unnecessary monitoring alerts on temporary server conditions.

Pyramid Starter Seed Template Powered by Yeoman (part 3)

Once installed pyramid_starter_seed, we will see now: how it works under the hood, how to manage things with grunt, and how to create and share other templates based on pyramid_starter_seed

Pyramid Starter Seed Template Powered by Yeoman (part 2)

In the previous blog post we have seen what are the benefits of using the Yeoman workflow fully integrated with a web development framework like Pyramid.

Pyramid Starter Seed Template Powered by Yeoman (part 1)

Book of the month I'm reading this summer: Pylons/Pyramid.

Being an "Active Sponsor": The Plone Conf Survey App

We are excited this year to not only be attending and sponsoring Plone Conf 2014, but we are also donating our Survey App to the conference. This app has been used at many events in the past with great results for the organizers.

Turtles From the Front in 2014: the Temple of the DOM

Back to tread the stage of Duse in Bologna one of the most important in Italy for those involved in Front End. Twists are not missed!

Fixing Berkeley DB Version Conflict While Building openldap on Mac OSX

Learning Resources

A Minimalist View for Collections

Plone 4.3: This view lets you display minimalist collection results: just the title of the objects, no by-line, and no "Read more...".  It also bumps up the font size of the object title.

A Simple "Question and Answer" Discussion Forum Using PloneFormGen, a Mailer, a Custom Script Adapter, and Built-In Workflow

A case study: A campus unit wanted to create a Q&A format discussion forum that would let anonymous users ask a question that would be answered by forum editors.

Using Custom Script Adapters with PloneFormGen Forms to do a lot Behind the Scenes

One nice thing you can do with PloneFormGen is present the user with a simple form that does a bunch more in the back end, using custom script adapters.

How to Export a Collection of Dexterity Objects to CSV

We wanted something like the SmartCSVExporter add-on but we wanted to output *all* the fields in the collection's returned objects, not just the ones in the catalog that are available to a collection's "display as table" view.


Life at the Boundaries: Conversion and Validation

In software development we deal with boundaries between systems. Examples of boundaries are...

Idenitfying Birds, Butterflies, and Wildflowers With a Snap

It's been a while since I started my little adventure of building an image recognition pipeline that would reliably identify animal and plant species from photos.

BowerStatic 0.4 Released!

What's BowerStatic? It's a little WSGI framework application for Python that is easy to plug into any WSGI web framework. What you can do with it is declare in Python code that you want some Bower package included in the web page. It knows about dependencies and such. Like Fanstatic but for Bower.

Morepath 0.6 Released!

What's Morepath? Morepath is your friendly neighborhood web framework with super powers. It lets you easily create links between resources, and offers a range of mechanisms that allow you to better organize and reuse code. Morepath is geared towards this modern age of the web where more and more UI logic is moving into JavaScript, into the browser -- it does this by being great at creating RESTful hypermedia APIs.

Play These (Python) Strings Until My Fingers are Raw

This blog post is about the tricky task of subclassing immutable types in Python. Once you get it right, you will end up with superpowered objects.