Plone Foundation Welcomes New Members

Johannes Raggam, Leonardo J. Caballero G. and Maarten Kling are the Foundation's newest members.

The Plone Foundation (PF) is proud to welcome three new members from three different countries. The three were unanimously confirmed by the Foundation's Board of Directors after receiving strong recommendations from the PF Membership Committee.

Johannes Raggam of Graz, Austria, is a self-employed programmer working with the BlueDynamics Alliance. A core contributor since 2008, Johannes is the key maintainer for Plone's new events package and has been an important contributor to Archetypes. He's currently on Plone's Framework Team. He organized the Buschenschanksprint.

Leonardo J. Caballero G. of Maracaibo, Venezuela, is a Technical Director at Covantec R.L. and Conectivo C.A. Leonardo maintains the Spanish translations of more than 49 Plone Add-ons as well as Spanish-language documentation for Plone itself. He has contributed several Plone Add-ons that are part of Plone.Gov. Currently serving the Plone Board as a Plone Ambassador, Leonardo has also served as an Advisory Board member and has spoken at or helped organize Plone and open-source events throughout South America.

Maarten Kling of Duiven, Netherlands, works as a Senior Developer for Four Digits. Maarten has been an active contributor to both the Plone Core and popular Add-on packages — notably including several social packages and TinyMCE integration. He was a key organizer for the tremendously successful 2012 Plone Conference in Arnhem.

Membership in the Plone Foundation is conferred for significant and enduring contributions to the Plone project. The Foundation, which is the trustee for Plone's intellectual property and works to protect and promote Plone, has 118 active members.