READY, SET, GO! PloneConf 2013 Website Launched

A warm welcome to everyone! Brazil's Plone community awaits you with open arms!

Start planning -- Brasília is hosting the next Plone Conference!

This is the first time the Conference will take place in the southern part of the globe, and we're very happy about that. Plone is gaining a lot of traction here already, and the Conference will make it blast. We want you here. So, really, start organizing your trip!

Here's the website. Along with the official schedule, you will find information about the city of Brasília, the Conference's venue. Travel details, tourism information and information about restaurants are also available on the site. We will expand this information as time goes on.

Did we mention we've already confirmed two keynotes?

The website's design was done by our fellow Plonista André Nogueira. We really like it; hope you do too! By the way, it's done with Diazo, it's responsive, and you're invited to contribute. Send improvements and bug fixes to

We will soon be publishing new sections of the website, such as Registration and Sponsorship, so check back often or just follow us on Twitter or Facebook. We will be more than happy to be contacted through social media or the official e-mail

Finally, following the tradition, we'd like to inform you that the previous PloneConf website has been moved to Thank you, Four Digits, you did a shiny and wonderful job. We hope that we can be on a par with it.