Plone Open Garden 2014

PLOG, the Italian Plone event of 2014, will take place from April 22nd until 26th in Sorrento, Italy. Signing up is free, discover how you can be part of it.

Every year an event takes place in Italy which brings the best Plonistas together to share and build the future of the Plone CMS.

PLOG has nothing to do with nerds in dark rooms: take the opportunity to be guests of the Hotel Mediterraneo and be lulled by Sorrento’s climate, and enjoy a week of productive relaxation with the Plone community.

The 2014 edition will be from April 22nd until the 26th and features:

  • Free admission: ticket after registration through the site;

  • Speaker’s corner: every morning with specific talks on Plone;

  • Open space: in the afternoon, in-depth discussions with the Plone community;

  • Sprint: a team working session; a way for those with ideas and goals to have the time, space and company to be productive. PLOG never stops, there are no limits!

For more information or to submit talk proposals and sprint topics, visit the PLOG website.