JC Brand, Martin Opstad Reistadbakk, Asko Soukka, Florian Friesdorf, and Alexandru Ghica Named to Plone Foundation

The Plone Foundation Board of Directors is proud to announce these new Foundation members.

Jan-Carel (JC) Brand, of South Africa, has contributed to Plone since 2005 and is a leader in his country’s Plone community.  He has organized monthly meetups in South Africa, as well as three South African sprints. He is a contributor to Plone's Afrikaans translation, has presented at regional Python conferences about Plone, and has released more than 30 add-on products.

Martin Opstad Reistadbakk, of Norway, is a long-time contributor to Plone. He created the actions menu, released as part of Plone 2.1; has contributed to core debugging; and has served as the Infrastructure Team Lead for 1 1/2 years. Formerly at Jarn, Martin is managing director of a consultancy focusing on Plone.

Asko Soukka, of Finland, has contributed to Plone since 2004. He has done prolific work in testing and continuous integration and has a long history of community involvement. Notable accomplishments include integrating RobotFramework with Plone, contributing a vast amount of helpful documentation, serving as the Continuous Integration Team Lead, and mentoring in 2013 Google Summer of Code.

Florian “Flone” Friesdorf, of Germany, has been a tireless cheerleader and evangelist for Plone, introducing many new developers to the community who have since become significant contributors. A  Google Summer of Code alumnus, Florian has attended 26 sprints and 8 Plone conferences. He has organized many sprints, workshops, and other events designed to recruit new members into the Plone Community.

Alexandru Ghica, of Romania, has worked exclusively with Python, Zope, and Plone since 2003. He maintains the very popular eea.* namespace add-on products and is contributing a full Romanian translation of Plone. He serves as a leader of the Plone community in his country, actively promoting Zope and Plone to Romanian students.

The Plone Foundation is the conservator for the Plone Content Management System and promotes Plone, its community, and its development. The Foundation currently has 128 members, all chosen for significant and enduring contributions to Plone. Foundation membership applications are considered by the Foundation's Membership Committee and approved by its Board of Directors. For more information, see plone.org/foundation.

Plone is an open-source web content management system that excels in security, scalability, internationalization, usability, and flexibility. Hundreds of developers around the world contribute to Plone.