More Sprinting Opportunities in 2013!

Help strengthen the Plone community by participating in or hosting a sprint.

Come join other Plone developers at the Beer and Wine Sprint, the first sprint in 2013. This will be a dual event in Germany and South Africa. For more information, see

Interested in hosting a sprint? Submit an event request after reading the event sponsorship policy at

Plone community members will have lots of opportunities to host and participate in sprints during the coming year. Funding is available for the following:

  • Four major sprints. Funding: $3,000 each. Topic must be coordinated.
  • Six strategic sprints. Funding: $1,500 each. Topic must be coordinated. If you would like to host a strategic sprint, a Plone team leader will help coordinate the event.
  • 15 community sprints. Funding: $300 each. Funding for community sprints is on a first-come, first-served basis, and generally pays for refreshments.

Sprint funding can pay for housing and/or food to facilitate bringing together a group of people in one place, such as with the Cioppino Sprint.

It also can be used for a portion of the airfare for individuals, based on team-leader recommendations. In this case, we encourage the sprinter to pay 50 percent, or at least some portion, of the fare. “Up-and-coming participants as well as established members of the community should have this funding opportunity,” says Plone Board member Elizabeth Leddy. “We prefer sending established Plone people to new sprints and new Plone people to established sprints.”

Those interested in hosting a sprint will find the event sponsorship policy and event-request form at When filling out an event request, you also can ask for Plone swag to give out to participants. This swag is available to sprint hosts at no cost.

“We want to get lots more people involved in sprinting,” says Leddy.  “It enhances Plone for everyone. It builds our community. And it’s a great learning experience for beginners.”