Arnhem turns into Plone town

The Four Digits office in Arnhem (The Netherlands) has turned into a multinational company for a week. The small company is hosting a meeting for Plone programmers, who have come from all around the world.

The target of their efforts is the new Plone 5 release. Many design decisions are to be made, and having as many involved people in one space is a major time saver.  This so-called "sprint" is used to effect a large step forward in a small period of time.

Most of the developers work for companies that roll out and modify Plone for their customers, or are independent consultants. The participants have come from The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Finland, Austria, Argentina and Slovenia. The sprint takes a full working week (from Monday 11th till Friday 15th). By this time, many of Plone 5's new features should be finished.