Why Arnhem is worth a visit

Come to the Plone Conference 2012 and have two wonderful experiences at the same time. Meet old friends and catch up on new techniques in a city that is definitely worth the trip. Arnhem is not only the capital of Gelderland, it is also known for its arts and design education. Last, but not least, we have the famous 'bridge too far', which is a must see.

Let's start of with the bridge. It connects downtown Arnhem to the southern part of the city. It is called the John Frost Bridge, named after the British commander in the Second World War who had the task of holding it to secure a path into Germany. From a military point of view, this was not such a successful operation. Today you can still see monuments and other attractions related to this heroic event.

Arnhem is also known for its large nature parks, within walking distance of the city center. Tired of listening to talks all day? Just go out and soon you will find yourself in Sonbeek Park. It is a favorite hangout for the residents who visit the park to relax, meet friends and just take a walk. You will find hills, a waterfall, bars, an animal farm and an outpost. If the weather is good, you should go there at least once.

Arnhem has a lot to offer. Did we mention Arnhem was voted 'most attractive city' a few years ago? It has exclusive shops, remarkable bars and some spectacular museums. Even if art and design is not your cup of tea, keep it in mind if you need a change of scenery during your stay. In the period leading up to the conference we will tell you more about Arnhem. So keep a a close watch on our Twitter feed -@ploneconf and the conference website.


This news item was submitted by Yadi Dragtsma of Four Digits.