Find out more about the venue for the 2012 Plone Conference in the Netherlands

The Plone conference venue in Arnhem is called Musis Sacrum, one of the landmarks in the city and vital to the cultural sector in this region. This week we provide you with an in-depth report on this remarkable building, home to the Plone Conference 2012 in October.

Basically, Musis Sacrum is a concert hall, home to the Gelders Orkest. It also houses a bar and multiple rooms for smaller events. It was established in 1847 and was renovated in 1995. The building is located in the heart of Arnhem, within walking distance of the railway station, the shopping center and the Four Digits Office. For those out there who don't speak Latin, Musis Sacrum roughly translates to 'dedicated to the goddesses of art and culture' – a very suitable name considering the purpose of the building.

On the south side of the venue there is a monument for those who fought the enemy during the second world war in 1940-1945. It is a flight of stairs with a sign that says 'De meeste mensen zwijgen, een enkeling stelt een daad'. (Most people keep silent, few do something). During the war, this building was used as a leisure center for the occupying soldiers.

Regarding the Plone conf, it is good to know that Musis Sacrum is up to the job ahead. We have frequent contact with their sales manager Mike Kothuis, a man with lots of experience when it comes to meetings, conferences and other events. He will make sure the venue meets our needs and wishes. Musis willk also the venue for the pre-conference training and the post-conference sprint.

All in all, we think the venue is a great place for our gathering and we look forward to see you there. In the conference bid you can read more about the venue and its many qualities.

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You can find out more about the conference by visiting the website.


This news item was submitted by Yadi Dragtsma of Four Digits.