Talk submissions for Plone Conference 2012 - the clock is ticking

We'd like to remind you all to submit talks for the Ploneconf 2012 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Talks are the backbone of the day to day schedule and therefore vital to the success of the conference. We already have some wonderful submissions, but there are still some slots to be filled. The deadline for submission is August 15th.

A bunch of Plone enthusiasts will host a talk. Maurits van Rees, Andreas Jung, Elizabeth Leddy and Lennart Regebro are just a few examples. During the conference they will let you in on the knowledge and tricks they have regarding Plone. A complete overview of the talks can be found here. Check it out, vote and see if there are topics missing. You might just be the person to complete the range of subjects.

Do you have what it takes to give an educational talk? All you need is the right information, some presentation skills and time to prepare. If you are able, contact a person who gave a talk at a previous Plone conference. They will tell you it is a great experience and definitely enhances the enjoyment of your visit. It is a chance to brush up on your knowledge and the community as a collective can benefit from your input. Everybody is a winner...

A quick look at the talks: we would like to add a few more subjects to the spectrum. Marketing, just to name one. Do you know how to sell Plone? Are you an experienced marketeer? We hope to hear from you. Especially with a tight budget, smart marketing is the key. Also wanted: Pyramid and Github veterans. Should you have operational knowledge, please come forward.

Once again, the deadline is drawing near. On August 15th all talk submissions will be subject to evaluation and selection. On September 1st the final program will be presented and the speakers will be notified.

This news item was submitted by Yadi Dragtsma of Four Digits.