Plone Conference 2012: Prepare for Shock and Awe in Arnhem

The last evening party for the 2012 Plone Conference is going to be a blast!

We believe this part of the event is very important, so the organization has put a lot of effort into creating the best conference party yet. Get ready for an exotic mixture of music, dance and instruments. Since we don't want to spoil the surprise, this is all the information you will get for now.

The conference party is all about fun, drinking beer, catching up with friends and of course some groovy sounds. For that last part we turned to Martijn Jacobs. Not only is he an experienced developer, he's also a skilled musician and frequently has gigs with his dance act, Kamara. Being one of the Four Digits founders, he was more than willing to organize the party.

Martijn and his team will turn the venue upside down by creating a great show. The main hall is just perfect for a party. There is a stage, several balconies, a bar and enough space to go wild.  We aim to provide an unforgettable experience. One for the books. Remember the robots last year? They added something special to the party. We hope to achieve something equally spectacular.

Hopefully we see you all in October. Not only for the conference, but also for an amazing party.

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You can find out more about the conference by visiting the website.