Sea Sprint is Just Around the Corner - Help Bring Deco Lite to Plone 4

The first Sea Sprint is less than a month away now, and event organizers are looking to the community for help bringing together the right team for this important event.

Sea Sprint is an oceanfront invitational sprint taking place September 21-24 on the white sand beaches of Oak Island, North Carolina.  The focus of Sea Sprint, inspired by Eric Steele’s PSE 2012 talk, is “getting Deco Lite into the Plone 4.x series” (think Tiles and Deco). Sea Sprint has been designated a “strategic” sprint by the Plone Foundation.

Anyone interested in helping make the Sea Sprint happen should donate to the Sea Sprint Chipin fund.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Donations will be used to help bring developers to the event from around the world.

The team will include:

In addition,  Elizabeth Leddy, Steve McMachon, The Cafecito Sprint Team and UCLA OIT will participate remotely.

Technical planning for Sea Sprint is well underway with Cris Ewing and Rok Garbas outlining the basic tasks to be accomplished.

Sea Sprint is also inspired by the recent Cafecito Sprint in Brazil which contributed heavily to Deco Lite packages. The aim of Sea Sprint is to continue this momentum to push Deco Lite into production releases of Plone sooner rather than later. The results of the Sea Sprint will be reported at Plone Conference 2012 by Andrew Leeb and Ian Anderson of Anderson Leeb, Inc., the primary sponsor of Sea Sprint.

Take a moment to donate in support of this event.  It is a great investment in the future of Plone.