Plone Profiled in Intranetizen

Plone was profiled in today's Intranetizen.  The profile provides an excellent overview of the product from an interview with Plone Foundation president Matt Hamilton.

It is a good read for anyone interested in Plone, and provides some not so well known facts about the product.

One particularly interesting and not-widely known fact:

Q: Google Trends shows Plone as a very small sliver compared to Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Why is this? Should customers be wary for this reason?

A: Plone’s internal search engine does not rely on Google; therefore, site searches do not contribute to an inflated GT score. Internal searches on any WordPress site, for example, get tallied as “WordPress” searches by Google Trends.

Kudos and Matt and Karl Horek for making this happen, as well as to other members of the community to participated in the process.

The entire profile appears here.