Plone Tune-Up Coming this Friday, March 16th

The March 16th Plone Tune-Up will focus on ticket gardening. We have over 1300 open tickets in Trac. Our goal this month is close 100 of them through deprecation or bug fixes.


Great news! The Plone QA team headed by Liz Leddy will be joining forces with the Tune-Up team. Together we will be able to help provide Plone a more coordinated QA effort and prioritize the bug fix tickets to support releases. Welcome to Liz and her team.


Plone Tune-Ups are regularly scheduled online events that give developers the chance to select and work on resolving issues. Not everyone wants to be a core developer or maintain a product in Plone, but most people have the ability to squash a few bugs, provide QA or improve documentation. Every time you give time back to the community you make Plone a better solution for everyone.   As an open source system, Plone relies on developers of all interests and skill levels to participate so that Plone can continue to be a leader among open source Content Management Systems. Experts will be available in a special IRC chat #plone-tuneup if you need help getting started.


The Tune-Up prize will be a rare and coveted Plone Tune-Up t-shirt. In the past, these shirts have been awarded for: closing the most tickets, helping new people get started or generally being helpful to others. Up to one shirt may be awarded per Tune-Up at the discretion of the Tune-Up managers.


Friday, March 16, 2012
9am-6pm in your local time zone!
Join us at #plone-tuneup on
Twitter tag: #plonetuneup
View the list of tickets for this Tune-Up:
View the list of other tickets you could work on:
(if you choose tickets in this list, please tag them "TuneUp54")


* The most recent development release is Plone 4.2!  If you are working on Plone 4 tickets, please point your buildouts to

-> On Tune-Up day, go to #plone-tuneup in IRC and ask for a ticket to work on if you don't know which one to pick. If you're wondering about the sort of tickets people start out with, look for tickets tagged as "newbie" or "greenbelt."
-> Once you have chosen a ticket, be sure to "accept" it. If you can't, review the process to get commit rights at
-> Fixes for 4.1 are on
-> Fixes for 4.2 are on
-> Paste error messages and code to to share them with others in the Tune-Up room.