Plone Conference Talks Deadline is Wednesday, August 15th

The deadline to propose a talk for the 2012 Plone Conference in Arnhem is rapidly approaching.  Plone enthusiasts have just two days left to propose a brilliant presentation.  While the deadline may seem a bit harsh, it takes time to schedule the event and communicate the subjects to participants and it is important for people to know what they are coming for before making their plans.  Wednesday is the final deadline.

If you visit the Conference website, you can see participants have some wonderful talks to choose from, but there is always room for more. The conference organizers are determined to fill all of the 80 available speaker slots and we need interested community members to step up to the challenge. Remember, a good Ploneconf is all about interaction and sharing. Your knowledge might help others in the community; as well as allowing you to make connections and start discussions based on what you have to say.

Keep in mind that all these talks don't need to be developer-focused. We also applaud submissions about marketing and other topics that aren't just about code. Last year we had an informative presentation on marketing your Plone business on a limited budget. If you have a business case or experience in sales, please tell us about it.

Anyway, in about 48 hours we close out the submissions for the conference. There is still time to follow the example set by people like Maurits van Rees, Andres Jung, Elisabeth Leddy or Christian Theune. Make yourself heard and get to it. Make your mark in Arnhem!

Take a look at the talk submission page for inspiration.