Plone Conference 2012 website now online

The new Plone Conf 2012 website now has information for everyone wanting to find out more about this event.

We proudly present the new website for the Plone Conference 2012 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The website will provide information about Arnhem, the venue, the conference and much more. We are still constructing some pages, features and registration. So keep your eye on the website for updates, changes and notes.

Rebel X, a Dutch Plone company volunteered to do the design and created an awesome logo and website. Even though they are a relatively small company, the result is just great. The lead designer, Rita Varga Kiss, combined blue (Plone) and orange (Four Digits), into a sophisticated and  snappy design.

As from today, the domain no longer links to the conference pages of San Francisco. If you need information about the ploneconf 2011, you can now go to to access this information.