Plone Announces Plans for Attending Events Worldwide in 2012

The Plone Foundation has planned and budgeted to have Plone represented at a variety of events in 2012.

The Plone Foundation has planned and budgeted to have Plone represented at events around the world in 2012.  We'd like to throw open the door to Plone supporters worldwide interested in attending these events and representing their favorite CMS.  

Representing Plone at events is a great opportunity to make contacts and network, and the marketing teams' goal is to diversify the people who are able to benefit from this exposure while promoting Plone. We are particularly interested in supporting local companies and user groups located near the events.

The following is the current calendar of planned events; but you can always see the most recently updated list by visiting our Plone Events Calendar page.


Flourish! 2012 - March 30-31 - Chicago

NTEN - Nonprofit Technology Conference - April 3-5 - San Francisco, CA

Plone Open Gardens 2012 - May 2-4 - Europe

Plone Symposium East 2012 - May 22-23 - North America

Open Source Business Conference 2012 (OSBC - by InfoWorld) - May 21-22 - San Francisco, CA

Open Source Bridge - June 26-29 - Portland, OR

EuroPython 2012 - July 2-8 - Florence, Italy

OSCON - July 16-20 - Portland, OR

FISL 2012 - July 25-28 - Porto Alegre,Brazil

Plone Symposium South America 2012 - August 22-24 - Brasília, Brazil

Open Source Singapore-Pacific-Asia Conference & Expo 2012 (OSSPAC) - Sept - Australia

Open World Forum - Sept - Europe

KIWI PyCon - September 1-2 - New Zealand>

Online Information 2012  - November - London

Gilbane Conference Boston 2012 - November 27-29 - Boston, MA

If you are interested in representing Plone at one of the events below, please apply for fund from our event sponsorship fund.  You can find directions on how the process works by visiting our Event Sponsorship page, and apply for sponsorship by filling out an event sponsorship request. Tell us what you would do if you were given the opportunity, and how the marketing team and foundation could support your efforts.