Plone Conference 2012 Logo Unveiled

The logo for the Plone conference 2012, which will be held in Arnhem in The Netherlands, is released.

Rebel X, a Dutch Plone company volunteered to do the design and created a great logo. As of today, the organization in Arnhem will start working on t-shirts, beer glasses and other relevant items. The logo will (obviously) also appear on the new conference website that is almost ready for launch.

Plone Conference 2012 Logo

The lead designer is Rita Varga Kiss. She explains the graphic elements and the use of colors in the logo.

"Since the conference is in the city of Arnhem, I wanted to incorporate some typical landmarks. You can see the river Rhine, symbolized by the thick blue line. It's a dominant feature, since the Rhine plays a vital role in the economy and is considered a defining element of Arnhem. I also included the John Frost Bridge, a feature that was bound to appear in the logo. This bridge is well known for its role during the second world war and is also the major connection between the northern and southern parts of the city. The orange silhouette consists of two elements, on the left is the conference venue and on the right you can see the church tower called Eusebius". Finally, the Plone logo, as well as the words 'Plone conf' and ' Arnhem 2012'  were added. Vargas chose blue and orange for obvious reasons: "Blue is consistent with the Plone logo and orange is the company color of Four Digits. It's also the color of many other Dutch Plone companies and of course the Dutch national color".

When the resulting logo was presented to the Plone marketing team to be sure it complied with use guidelines for the Plone logo, the team lead called it "beautiful."

As of today, different versions of the logo are released for use. Visit our website to download the logopack.