Plone Conference Keynote Speakers Announced

It isn't a conference without talks. It isn't a conference without beer. And it also isn't a conference without a keynote speaker.

We are pleased to announce this year's keynote speaker is actually a trio: Matt Hamilton, Jan Jongboom, and Eric Steele. Matt Hamilton is the current President of the Plone Foundation Board (2011-2012) and a genuine Plone veteran - serving his fifth term as board member. Hamilton is also technical director at Netsight Internet Solutions, a British Plone company based in Bristol. He organized the famous Plone performance sprint back in 2008. Eric Steele is the release manager for Plone 4 and the Lead Developer for AMP Sports. He is known for his long tenure with Penn State University's WebLion group, where he authored several widely-used Plone products, including GloWorm and FacultyStaffDirectory. Hamilton and Steele will talk about the State of Plone and the Plone Community as an entity. Jan Jongboom is a Dutch Javascript developer at Cloud9 based in Amsterdam. He is an open source advocate and long-time software enthusiast with several years of experience with .NET, language-agnostic development and Javascript. He is more than willing to share his views and knowledge - and will be talking about Cloud9 IDE - an online development environment for Javascript and Node.js applications as well as HTML, PHP, Java, Ruby and 23 other languages. Don't miss out on these developer giants as they do the kick off during the conference. If you can't make it to Arnhem, be sure to tune in on our live webcast of the proceedings. If possible, most of the talks will be recorded and broadcast.