Plone Conference 2013 Coming to Brasília, Brazil

Plone Conference 2013, with pre-conference training and post-conference sprints, takes place September 30-October 6 in Brasília, Brazil. Attendees also are invited to the Caipirinha Sprint, October 8-11.

  • September 29: Early Birds’ Dinner
  • September 30-October 1: Pre-conference Training
  • October 2-4: Plone Conference 2013
  • October 3-5: PythonBrasil
  • October 5-6: Post-conference Sprints
  • October 7: Free Time
  • October 8-11: Caipirinha Sprint at João Pessoa

The Plone community is invited to Latin America’s largest country for Plone Conference 2013. The event will take place at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center in Brasília, Brazil, October 2-4, with training, sprints, and other activities before and after. The PythonBrasil conference also will be happening October 3-5.

Hosting the conference are the Brazilian Government Plone and Python Users/Developers Community (PloneGov-BR) and Associação Python Brasil (APyB). Sponsoring the venue is Brasília’s Tourism Secretary.

“Brazil has played an active role in the community since Plone’s earliest days, and we have a thriving local community,” says Plone developer and evangelist Tânia Andrea.

“After the great success of Plone Symposium South America, it’s a natural next step to invite the whole Plone community for its first conference in the Southern Hemisphere. We’re looking forward to introducing the Plone community to our local developers, strengthening Plone’s presence here, and giving community members and their families a good excuse to visit Brazil.”


In addition to keynotes and a State of Plone session, the conference will feature four simultaneous tracks. A “Show Me How” session will provide a forum in which attendees can bring their questions and Plone problems, and experts will share their solutions.


A variety of training opportunities will be available during the two days of pre-conference workshops. Portuguese-speaking aides will be on hand to assist in all training sessions given in English.

Open Spaces

Along with traditional talks, the conference will provide ample opportunity for Open Spaces, one of the most valuable interaction formats.

Lightning Talks

These very short presentations are a great way for people to get more involved in the community, learn from each other, and get the message out. A generous amount of time will be allotted for these.


After intense days of talks and other activities, we all deserve some relaxation time. Nothing could be better for this than a party driven by typical Brazilian food, drink and music!


Sprints are a great tradition in the Plone community, and this year’s hosts hope to break attendance records for both beginners and veterans. Special teams will be available to help those new to sprinting feel at home.

Following the post-conference sprints is the traditional Caipirinha Sprint, October 8-10, on the gorgeous beaches of João Pessoa.

Thanks to the sponsors of Plone Conference 2013, registration is free and includes the following:

  • Attendance at all talks, meetings, and open spaces
  • Lunch and coffee breaks during conference days
  • Post-conference sprints
  • Complimentary bag of freebees

Attendees must pay for the following:

  • Conference party and dinner
  • Training
  • Caipirinha Sprint flight and accommodations costs

Brasília is Brazil’s federal capital and fourth-largest city. UNESCO lists it as a World Heritage Site. Architect Lucio Costa developed Brasília’s urban plan, and the city features architecture by Oscar Niemeyer and landscaping by Roberto Burle Marx. Visitors can enjoy its architectural landmarks, museums, art galleries, theaters, parks, festivals, shopping and dining opportunities, and many other attractions.