Plone at EuroPython with Guido Van Rossum celebrating our 10th year here

More than forty people are wearing our Plone t-shirt and having fun - thirty attended a dinner for the Plone Community

Plone attendees at EuroPython 2012

Plone's attendees at EuroPython pose in their Plone t-shirts with with Guido Van Rossum (bottom left, waving). 

Our helpdesk session was well received, with people coming to meet us and ask to have a better understanding of what Plone can do for them (We also had real helpdesk happening here, with Alessandro Pisa from Italy helping a Plone user to improve the monitoring of her site).

Also the EuroPython Intranet, built on Plone, is handling all video content produced in the talks and also is acting as file server for all training materials (files, source code). So far the Intranet is managing over 20Gb on content.

By popular demand - Guido Van Rossum, author and BDFL of Python, shows off his Plone t-shirt.

Guido Van Rossum

Special thanks to Érico Andrei for providing us with the photos.